Title: I Love You All
Artist: Soronprfbs
Album: FRANK
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I love you all


Wise words from Karl.

All of life is a coming home.

Patch Adams (1998)

"ROBIN WILLIAMS, an actor and comedian, died on August 11th, aged 63. The flood of grief-stricken commentary that followed news of his death has not simply been a response to his many achievements as a corruscating comedian and award-winning actor. It has also been a sign that audiences felt they knew him as a friend. In his stand-up specials and chat-show appearances, he never seemed to be holding anything back. Dripping with sweat, pouring out words in torrents, he seemed to have no filters between his buzzing brain and the outside world. He could be endearingly open and honest about his own problems, even while improvising delirious flights of fancy and flitting from character to character. Viewers loved him for it."

Some months after Bogie’s death, Max Wilk, spotted Bacall off by herself at a party in Bel Air and went over to her. She wouldn’t remember him, he began hesitantely, because the last time they had met he was in an Army uniform.  
"And where was that?" she asked listlessly.
" At your house. I brought you a dog."
"Oh, God! Harvey! He was the best! We loved him madly."
When she began to cry, Wilk realized they were discussing much more than the dog he had brought by train from Chicago to Los Angeles as a wedding present for Humphrey Bogart and his young bride.


The doctor will see you now.